Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Want to Be a Blogger In this world there are so many things to do including becoming a blogger.

To become a blogger, you don’t need purposely quit from you job. You still can run your blogging time as just need extra times like probably 2-3 hours everyday as the main blogging job is writing. So, here are reasons why people go for blogging. Probably, these meet to your blogging purpose as well.1. You want to make money online and see a lot of potential in it and opportunities. Probably you see other people’s success and that can be inspired to be a blogger.

There are a lot of successful blogs which earn lot money in hundreds and thousands of dollars per month from AdSense, affiliates and other sources.2. You want the comforts of working from home. 90% of people leave blogging after realising its not as easy as they thought. You don’t yet realise that blogging requires a lot of passion, dedication and hard work. If you want to be successful blogger and not one of 90% failures, drop your idea of comfort and start working. Learn all the tips to be a successful blogger.3. You want to be famous on web. You know, there are many celebrity webs nowadays.  This is also a reason why people are creating new blogs every day.

Blogging makes you famous and gives you credibility among other bloggers and people especially your readers.4. You are an expert on a particular field and you want to share your knowledge. This is the most rational reason one can have to start genuine blogs. If you are an expert in certain field, it’s best you start a blog so that other people will benefit from you.5. You visited a psychiatrist for your problems and he advised you to blog. Blogging is very relieving. Blogging reduces stress and removes depression.6. You want to be able to touch lives of a lot many people. You touch lives of people who read your blogs.

You have the ability to inspire them and teach them things.7. You are a loner and have a miserable life. You want to talk to people and you chose blogging. Through blogs, you will be able to talk to many more people which will make you happy and generate nice ideas in your mind.Point 1, 4 and 6 are good enough to be successful blogger to make money online from the internet.

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