Tankless Water Heater Problems

Hello welcome back to the grand compound  thanks for checking out my channel  hopefully you guys have just seen the  part 1 of tankless water heater problems  and you already realize that if they  were installed correctly you should have  no tankless water heater problems if you  haven’t watched the first part yet  please go back and watch that first  that’s going to take care of 95% 99% of  the problems out there with tankless  water heaters other than that I realized  things age things break things fail  things happen,

So I’m going to go through  some of the more common tankless water  heater problems which are not that  common but are things that you may run  into with your tankless water year after  a few years and whatnot so stick with me  and we’re going to go right into a few  things now and most of these are very  simple you’ll kind of get the idea here  in a minute alright the first thing I  want to get into and before I do don’t  forget to hit that like button right  down there actually I think it’s over  here hit the thumbs up like button  subscribe to my channel now the first  thing I want to talk to you about is  something that is specific to tankless  water heaters and that is a cold water  sandwich and that is a phenomenon that  happens basically when you have run hot  water all of your pipes in the house are  full of hot water the tankless water  heater runs and then you stop using hot  water tanks water heater goes into a  post purge or a cool-down mode and it  will pre cool the heat exchanger in the  water heater lower the temperature your  pipes however are still full of hot  water.

So if someone comes in and hops in  the shower five or 10 minutes later they  may turn on the water and have hot water  instantly because the pipes are full of  hot water but the first slug of water  out of these machines is not hot takes  about four seconds for one of these  things to fire up and give you some  point temperature and this by the way is  not brand specific this is pretty much  everybody alright if you don’t have some  kind of storage tank which quite frankly  I don’t think you want or need you’re  going to get a little cold water  sandwich in that specific instance so  what happens is for the first four  seconds you’ve hopped in the shower you  have hot water pipes you’re full of hot  water 4 seconds cold water  the tankless water heater and in a  minute or two you get a little surprise  in the shower because the temperature  dips down and then goes right back up  and stabilizes again typically what  happens you get in the shower you set  the temperature you like you get in  feels good and then you start after a  minute or two the temperature drops and  it’s not comfortable you move out of the  way and then.

It comes back and it’s  hotter and you have to mix them or cold  waters you actually get three water  temperatures the reason is you’re  bringing the tempered water that has  been cooling in the pipes first that’s  what you set your temperature by then  you get a few seconds of cold water  Sandwich that hits you which is  typically 10 degrees or so less than the  other temperature which is not  comfortable and then it comes back full  bore hot and you have to reset it this  is not a super common occurrence but  it’s not exactly super rare either and  it’s only when you have used hot water  there’s been a lag time in between years  in the hot water  relatively short a few minutes 10  minutes or so and then use hot water  again that’s a cold water sandwich once  you understand that may not be a big  problem if it is a problem for you there  are ways around it call your certified  authorized service provider your  installer your dealer you did have this  installed professionally right if you  didn’t eat stop watching this part right  now go back read or see part number one  there is basin you if you didn’t have  this installed by professional  everything you’re watching here is  probably not your problem.

It’s probably  an installation issue that’s cold water  sandwich in a nutshell and hope that  have some some questions there and we’ll  move on to the next point ok now I’m  going to get into some specific error  codes most of the major tankless water  heater brands use the same error codes  10 11 12 14 these are all codes 61 that  are not brand specific most I don’t know  if the engineers have moved from one  manufacturer to another they pretty much  all use the same code first off code 11  code 11 tells you most cases the unit  tried to light and it could not like in  that case chances already have some kind  of gas issue going on and the unit is  not lighting could be a vent issue  it’s not like either way time to call a  professional in on this thing okay did  you pay your gas bill is your propane  tank out of gas or running very very low  even one of these can cause those  problems a code 10 is almost always a  venting problem a combustion air problem  the unit is developing back pressure  check for birdsnest wasp nest did you  have your house painted – the painter  tape a plastic bag over the vent  termination it can’t suck air in fresh  air those are the kind of things that  causing code 10 the vent pipe having  separated partially can cause a code 10  maybe you had sorry.

I have to keep doing  this but maybe had a flunkey install it  he installed the wrong vent pipe and  that’s why you’re getting a code 10 code  tens are almost always combustion air or  venting relief so that’s 11 in 10 next  we’re going to move on to code 12  all right code 12 was actually one of my  favorite and the reason why is because  it’s so much fun when someone calls you  that’s a plumber or an HVAC service tech  they say have a code 12  on my tankless water heater and I asked  them okay what’s your gas pressure they  got oh I got a ton of gas I got playing  gas  I got lots of gas that’s not a number  what is your gas pressure code 12 is  very often a gas pressure problem again  is your propane tank running low have  you paid your gas bill did you have a  regulator failure just because the  heater ran for three years that’s been  fine for three years doesn’t mean it’s  running fine today what your gas  pressure was three years ago doesn’t  mean it’s correct right now you have to  take a reading with a very specific tool  called a manometer most people are not  going to own one unless they’re in the  trade and most of people in the trade  don’t own one which is unfortunate.

If  you’re going to work on these kinds of  machines or any of the high efficiency  high-tech stuff you need a manometer and  you need to know how to use it so that’s  going to be where we’re going to go with  that first code 12 can also be an  electrical problem a bad ground a short  inside the unit if you had a lightning  strike something got fried inside  causing a short-circuit that can give  you  code 12 a really good thing to know is  listen to the water heat of fire if you  hear the water heater startup and you  hear the poof of the gas igniting and  then it goes to code 12 you have a gas  problem if you don’t hear to proof if  you hear the fan come on it go straight  to code 12 before it lights you probably  have an electrical problem going on and  again you’re right back to having a  trained authorized service provider work  on these pieces of equipment so you’re  going to find that as a common theme  with this part of the video but I’m  giving you specifics on what these  problems are and again this is over  hundreds of thousands of units and many  hundreds of service calls not something  you’re going to see regularly but things  that can happen so that’s code 12.

InSinkErator SST-FLTR Reviews

The InSinkErator SST-FLTR is a cost effective point of use water heater. If you have a sink that you just cant seem to get hot water to, you can easily install an InSinkErator SST-FLTR and solve that problem with ease. Almost anywhere in the house where your water temperature needs a boost and the volume required is not too much, the InSinkErator SST-FLTR will fit in perfectly!

Overall Product Rating:

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With its 60 cups per hour performance, its high quality, durable stainless steel tank and its built in filtration system, the InSinkErator SST-FLTR will surely meet your needs on a consistent basis.

InSinkErator SST-FLTR Features:

  • Relatively high volume – the InSinkErator SST-FLTR can provide up to 60 cups of 200 degree water per hour. This is more than enough to suit almost any application.
  • Stainless Steel tank – this specially designed tank will last for a long time and is much more durable than the tanks on some comparable units
  • Built in filtration system – the InSinkErator SST-FLTR has a build in filtration system that will reduce the odor of your water and remove some of the chlorine taste.

InSinkErator SST-FLTR System Reviews:

It is always a good idea to read as many reviews as you can on any product, especially when there are many negative ones posted. Here is what people had to say about the InSinkErator SST-FLTR.

The main merits of the InSinkErator SST-FLTR seem to be how easy it was to install and that it does provide hot water when the unit works. When you really look at it, the InSinkErator SST-FLTR is a very simple system that has few parts and is easy to install and work on. If you are mechanically inclined, you could probably service it yourself. When everything is working right, it does provide a constant stream of hot water and will meet your needs on a regular basis.

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Unfortunately, most people did not see the same benefits that the few positive reviews mentioned. For some reason, people just don’t like the InSinkErator SST-FLTR.

Many people state that the design is flawed, it breaks down on a regular basis, and that when you try to contact InSinkErator, the customer support team is almost nonexistent. It would be nice to say that there were isolated instances, but it seemed to be the norm for almost everyone who wrote a review for this product. Does this mean the InSinkErator SST-FLTR is a bad product? Not exactly, but you definitely need to do your research carefully and know what the potential risks are.

InSinkErator SST-FLTR Review Summary

If you need a small electric water heater, the InSinkErator SST-FLTR is one of the options you should consider. While reading the reviews posted may leave a sour taste in your mouth, you should do as much research as possible to get the full picture.

Diy Home Improvement – Bathroom Improvement

Any advice or guide on the interior design of a bathroom should be based around one simple concept: keep it simple. Rooms inside of a home should have functional aspects, and if one room is designed for very specific functions, it is the bathroom. There have always been many jokes about the throne of a home, but the honest fact is that creating a visibly appealing and comfortable bathroom will inspire positive feelings to its users.
Hardware choices should be the primary concern when designing a bathroom. Faucets and spigots, as well as tubs and toilets, produced in a variety of shapes and materials can centrepiece a design. Open showers are currently popular with the younger upwardly- mobile crowd, and claw-foot bathtubs are almost always considered to be classic and attractive. Evaluate privacy issues first; dont put the toilet and tub too close together. If you are willing to purchase a toilet, checkout real and honest Toilet Reviews on this website.

Is it a possibility to centre your bathroom around a favourite theme? The answer is most certainly yes. Keeping in mind that less is more while choosing a decoration pattern that will coordinate with the rest of the home will open many design possibilities. Finding a colour or pattern inspiration from simple or small artwork may be the first step toward creating a bathroom masterpiece.
When designing a bathrooms tiling, take the time to shop around through different hardware, decoration and craft stores. The more expensive of the different types of tiles should have durability, aesthetic value, and a non-porous surface. It should be easily cleaned and sanitized, and it needs to install easily without any expensive or caustic glues or cements. Get creative also; all tile in bathrooms need not be made of porcelain.
After the design and production of a space-conscious and attractive bathroom have been completed, focus on decoration accessories to bring out personality and individualism. The bathroom is the most sacred room of any interior, and placing prized possessions on the walls or shelves is an interesting way to bless this special room. Use courageous ideas and do not be afraid to take chances, but above all: keep it simple.
Take a look around your own home. Is what youve been referring to as your time-honoured home decor really just old fashioned? If so, maybe its time for you to join the remodelling parade. The good news is: there are lots of easy, low cost ways to give your homes look a nice pick-me-up.
The bathroom is one of the most popular targets for home improvement. While any project involving plumbing tends to intimidate the average homeowner, there is a lot of new product technology designed with the do-it-yourself in mind.
One of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to spruce up a bathroom is to replace the faucets. Improvements like this have a huge impact on the functional and aesthetic value of the space. You can create an entirely new theme for your bathroom such as contemporary, old world, or European based on the design of your faucet, says Angie Coffman, director, Delta product marketing for Delta Faucet Company.
Before purchasing a new faucet, its a good idea to do some preliminary research. You may also want to consider a budget before beginning your search, as prices can vary widely. You will find that there are many different styles and designs in bathroom faucets. Consider ahead of time whether you want a single-handle or a double-handle faucet. Notice how the handles feel in the palm of your hand. Do you want something that is delicate or more heavy-duty? Explore different spout designs and finishes as well. Decide whether or not you want an escutcheon, the decorative plate beneath a faucet. An escutcheon will also cover extra holes that might be drilled in the sink.
Look for a faucet that installs easily you may notice language like quick connect or no adjust, indicating that minimal tools are required. Pay close attention to the existing hole configuration on your sink. How many are there and how far apart are they? Do you need a single-hole, 4-inch centre-set, or a wall-mounted faucet? Your single-handle faucet may have three holes underneath, but you dont necessarily have to replace it with another single-handle.

Theres a design, called a mini-widespread, which provides flexibility for customers who have a single-handle faucet, but are looking to switch to a double handle, widespread look. The Victorian Mini-widespread from Delta is an example of a faucet that offers intricate, old-world styling in a smaller sink setting.
Make a Lasting Improvement
Look for a design that wont soon be outdated and one that will complement the rest of your bathroom, one that will stand out without sticking out, according to Coffman. Keep in mind that you will probably be using this new faucet for years, so choose something that is durable, versatile, and a brand that is considered reliable.
Installing high quality products in a bathroom will result in a high return on your home remodelling investment. That is why it is important to choose a faucet that offers long-lasting, worry-free performance. You want to look for things like solid brass construction and a company that offers a lifetime limited warranty, along with customer support, in case you have questions while installing the faucet yourself.
Now that you are ready to give your bathroom the facelift it has been waiting for, have a few tools handy for the installation. A pair of adjustable pliers, along with an Allen wrench and basin wrench, will probably be necessary. Also pick up some silicone or caulk, and Teflon tape. Always double check the instructions on your faucet for any other tools or supplies needed.
If you are looking for additional support, try consulting your local home improvement store. Or, check out manufacturer Web sites, such as deltafaucet, for installation tips. As you join the millions of Americans remodelling their homes this year, choose your projects wisely and remember that even seemingly small changes, like a bathroom fixture upgrade, can add value to your home.

Homework? This Time I Can’t Run Away Still a part of sharing ideas online

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