ConnectWise SIEM: Complete Cybersecurity Solution

Deliver greater Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) with stronger layers of defense for your clients.

IT solution providers are the first—and often only—line of defense for every kind of business in every part of the world. Whether managing mom-and-pop businesses or high-profile clients, providing preventive security measures is a must-have in today’s cybersecurity landscape. Security information and event management (SIEM) solutions offer an additional layer of security for your clients; however, most SIEM solutions are routinely difficult to manage, expensive to deploy, and require a significant amount of in-house cybersecurity expertise.

ConnectWise SIEM offers a powerful alternative to expand your security perspective to both prevention and detection. The solution includes comprehensive, flexible SIEM software that streamlines safety and security across your network without additional full-time employee costs or complicated implementations.

SIEM security, your way

ConnectWise offers a wide selection of SIEM customization options, so you have the freedom to choose what works best for your business.

Leverage the ConnectWise SOC, or use your own

Flexible 30-, 90-, and 360-day log options

Service-level objectives (SLOs) to meet your needs

On- and off-premise deployment options

Top 3 reasons why IT solution providers may need to offer SIEM services

Your clients have compliance and regulatory requirements

From HIPAA to FINRA and PCI-DSS to CMMC, clients can have a wide range of compliance and regulatory needs. Our SIEM enables you to meet them with flexible log capture, retention, and review features.

You have too many data sources and alerts

Many IT solution providers like you have data coming in from multiple data sources and get flooded by alerts. A SIEM helps you aggregate the data and filter out the noise.

You see the need for added protection

Relying on prevention alone is insufficient and can’t stop all threats. Our SIEM solution adds an extra layer of defense to catch the threats that could crush your clients. You’ll get complete visibility and multi-source data analytics to detect events when prevention fails.

“You make us look like rock stars. Our clients are so impressed, and we look like the Avengers. Y’all are so awesome, and we knew it was the way to go.”

Myriam Martinez, Director of Services, Kyber Security
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You’ve heard about our SOC, but what do they do?

Inside the Industry: Tales from the SOC

What really happens when a cybersecurity breach occurs? Get a behind-the-scenes look at actual security incidents and discover steps you can take to avoid similar problems.

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