Secure Access Services Edge (SASE)

by ConnectWise + Exium

Zero-trust secure access for users, locations, and devices

Protect your clients’ roaming users and their cloud data from evolving threats

Your clients are moving toward digital transformation and leveraging the cloud for more and more mission-critical business operations, yet many are still using outdated network security built for the 1990s. DNS/URL filtering and legacy VPNs don’t work if users are working and accessing applications from anywhere while using various devices, which leaves them vulnerable to ransomware and more.

Give your customers more protection using a modern, zero-trust-based security framework. Our secure access services edge solution—SASE by ConnectWise + Exium—will help you protect roaming workers and their cloud data against cybersecurity threats without the risk of compliance violations.

Securely connect users, locations, and devices

Zero-trust access

Connect your clients’ users to any application, anywhere, with carrier-grade security.

Fast + simple deployment

Deploy best-in-class networking and security to your clients in minutes.

Reduced complexity + cost

Consolidate networking, security, threat prevention, controls, visibility, and governance in one cloud service.

A modern platform

Leverage the security and performance of 5G combined with the flexibility and power of the cloud.

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