SaaS Security

Protect your clients' critical data stored in the Microsoft Cloud

Offer a fully managed security monitoring and investigation of security incidents for Microsoft’s SaaS services such as Microsoft 365®, Azure AD, and OneDrive. ConnectWise SaaS Security gives you the power to lockdown your clients’ cloud data and keep them secure. And, with the help of our fully staffed SOC, keep a constant watch for any network anomalies and unusual user behavior morning, noon, or night.

SaaS Security Features

Multi-tenancy dashboard

Get access to a view of the current security threat activity for all clients, a single client or a group of clients. Our Perch-based dashboard gives your TSP a holistic view of all insights and activities in your client environments.

Out-of-the-box reporting and alerting

Our intuitive web UI lets you run reports, view status, search logs, export data, meet compliance log retention requirements, and investigate past and present incidents. Decision-maker friendly “value” reports will also help your clients understand the need for increased threat detection and remediation. 

Perch and ConnectWise SOC

Perch detects threats that slip past traditional defenses and offers deeper insight into alerts generated by defenses. ConnectWise SaaS Security combines the power of Perch’s native Microsoft cloud monitoring with the security expertise of the ConnectWise SOC to analyze threats real-time.

Take your security beyond antivirus and firewalls

See how ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management leverages advanced threat detection, monitoring, and a 24/7 global SOC to prepare your TSP for whatever threats come your way.

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