ConnectWise MDR™

Detect and contain threats to critical business assets

Many hackers are skilled at gaining "privileged access" footholds on endpoints from which they launch their lateral movement towards crown jewel assets. EDR tools are the most effective detection defense for this stage in the attack lifecycle, yet prized, data-rich attack targets often lack this technology layer in their environment. You can help them close this security gap and keep their information safe. ConnectWise MDR™ is here to help you make that happen. Let’s explore!

Close security gaps in your clients’ endpoint defense

Next-generation endpoint security built for TSPs

Our EDR delivers unique malware detection and remediation capabilities. Using innovative prevention technology, you’ll have visibility into the root causes and origins of threats and the ability to reverse malicious operations at an agile speed.

AI-powered monitoring

Behavioral AI continuously monitors and maps each running process for malicious behaviors, detecting many thousands of virus and malware attack variants as well as diagnosing root causes.

Complete response and remediation

When malicious behavior is detected, our EDR automatically initiates remediation steps to isolate the threat and contain potential damage. Additional measures include system rollback to a previous and acceptable risk state.

SOC at your service

Implement advanced operations without the need for in-house security expertise. The ConnectWise SOC works as an extension of your team, providing 24/7 monitoring and response to help remediate problems when they happen.

Enterprise-grade EDR Technologies

Our MDR leverages best-in-class endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions like SentinelOne and Bitdefender and pairs it with the ConnectWise SOC.  This model brings the advanced threat detection capabilities leveraged by enterprise organizations and makes it consumable for MSPs and SMBs.

“We’ve been in competitive situations where people have agreed to talk to us because we’re now seen as security specialists—a step up in terms of business services compared with being just another IT company. Our peers haven’t been able to do this as effectively, or at all. Investing in all the training, knowledge, and products to build a security specialism from the ground up would be a major struggle, but the ConnectWise SOC gives us that capability.”

James Ratcliff, Managing Director, Ratcliff IT
ConnectWise Partner Program

Whether you’re just starting to build your cybersecurity practice or need to jumpstart your efforts, the work ahead can seem daunting. The ConnectWise Partner Program is here to guide you along your journey so you’re never alone. As a ConnectWise partner, you’ll get exclusive access to marketing and sales resources, go-to-market strategy, a world-class partner portal, and more.

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What to expect from ConnectWise MDR™

Our EDR delivers complete endpoint protection, and it’s the one offering that has the most effect on each end user. They won’t always know what’s happening on their servers or how much work the SOC really does, but they know when their device has been attacked.

With enterprise-level security built for TSPs, you’ll be able to sell affordable endpoint protection that keeps your clients secure with the backing of the ConnectWise SOC.

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